At Pro In Your Pocket, we are often asked “How much does Pro In Your Pocket cost?” Pro In Your Pocket doesn’t cost anything for customers to use! Customers can use Pro In Your Pocket for projects around their house or business, for no charge.

Pros can sign up to be on the Pro Network for free as well. Pros can view the projects in the area, and are able to place their first bid for free! Once Pros attempt to place their second bid, they will be prompted to enter their payment information, and will start a free 30 day trial. Pros can cancel anytime, and will automatically pay $24/month unless cancelled.

Our goal at Pro In Your Pocket is to create a marketplace where Customers and Pros both find great value. We want to make it quick and easy to get things done. We always look forward to feedback, and would love to hear from you at Please let us know what you think!