If you’re part of a small business or an independent contractor or freelancer, then you likely spend a good deal of time seeking out new clients and job opportunities. In this case, using a reputable lead generation site is extremely helpful to build business and trigger word-of-mouth referrals. But how can you be sure the site you use is worth the money? Let’s examine Takl, an established lead generation site. We’ll also compare it with Pro In Your Pocket to see which best fits your needs.

Takl: A Background

Takl prides itself on being able to provide same-day services for its customers. Takl offers a variety of home services, which is a popular category, but it won’t help you with other services like auto, tech, or personal fitness. A customer can even track their Provider’s location on the way to the house. Once the project is completed, the customer pays the Provider through the app, and both customer and Provider rate each other.

The Customer’s Perspective

Like most lead generation sites, Takl is free for customers to use. First, the customer selects a project from the list and provides a day and time as well as photos. Then, the customer picks a Provider from a list, and as stated above, once the project is done, the only thing left to do is pay and rate. The customer’s side of Takl is pretty similar to the majority of lead generation sites out there.

There is one component, though, where Takl comes up short. Takl supplies a list of nearby Providers, but it’s up to the customer to sort through the list to find the highest-rated Provider with the best pricing and the relevant credentials. This process can often be time consuming and annoying, which takes away the convenience of using a lead generation service in the first place. In contrast, Pro In Your Pocket sends out a project request to all Pros in the area who offer the right services, and the Pros then reach out to the customer with their bids. With this method, the customer only needs to wait for bids and pick from that list instead of spending hours sorting through a huge list from Takl or a different site.

The Provider’s Perspective

Signing up to be a Provider for Takl requires paying a $2.99 monthly fee, which is a relatively small price to pay in comparison to a lot of other lead generation services. The majority of the money Takl makes comes from its exorbitant fees on every completed project. Depending on the overall cost of the project, Takl takes between 10% and 30% of the total payment from the customer, including tips. The lower-cost projects carry a fee closer to 10%, which doesn’t seem very high at first until you consider the nature of lower-cost projects. Lower cost means less time invested in the project, which means more projects in a day for that Provider—and if that Provider finds a good portion of their customers through Takl, then those fees really add up. So, while you as a Provider only pay a consistent monthly fee of $2.99, you’ll end up paying a huge amount of your earnings to Takl.

Unfortunately, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a lead generation service that doesn’t charge its professionals per service. That problem is a core reason why Pro In Your Pocket was founded: we genuinely want to help small businesses grow, so we only charge a $24 monthly fee without taking any money from your leads or projects.

The Deciding Question

When customers use lead generation services, they’re likely doing so to avoid spending hours searching Google for the best professionals with the best prices. While services like Takl definitely narrow down the options, they still require customers to spend valuable time searching for professionals and comparing ratings, prices, and locations. The question customers need to ask themselves is whether they want to spend time doing something that a different service wouldn’t require. Pro In Your Pocket sends professionals to you, so all the searching and guesswork is taken out of the equation.

The question professionals need to ask themselves is even easier: are those sky-high project fees worth the amount of customers found through Takl? Chances are the answer is no, especially when much cheaper services are out there. Professionals would be much better off picking a site like Pro In Your Pocket to find leads—that way, they can take on as many projects as they want without losing money on each one.

Check out Pro In Your Pocket today to find professionals and grow your business.