Hello World! We are so excited to finally be here! After months of developing and testing, we are finally flushing out all of the kinks and bugs, and are ready to start marketing our new platform, called Pro In Your Pocket. We get asked all the time, “what is Pro In Your Pocket?” The answer is short and simple: We help small business.

Founded on the idea that anyone should be able to work for themselves, as long as they have a specialty skill set, we’ve embarked on a journey that will hopefully culminate in the revolution of entrepreneurialism, and get-it-done-ers. If you are a business owner that services customers in any capacity, we are for you. If you have wanted to quit your job, but haven’t been able to figure out how to crack the work for yourself code, we are for you. If you see all of the freedom, both financially and with time that being your own boss can give, we are for you. Now we will dive into what Pro In Your Pocket actually does for the small business owners.

Pro In Your Pocket is an app for consumers, that let’s them place a bid request for work to be done. Within minutes they can type up an accurate bid request, attach a location and up to 3 photos of the work that needs to be done, and then “Submit” the bid request.

Once the consumer has submitted the bid request, the Pro (that’s you) now has the opportunity to place a bid on that work, depending on which service categories they have signed up to receive alerts for. Once you submit your bid to the consumer, they will be able to sort and filter through their bids (up to 10 bids total, so make sure to be checking for new bid opportunities all the time) and select the bid that makes the most sense to them (hopefully you!). If you are selected, you will be able to work directly with your customer, and get their project taken care of. Once you have completed their project, make sure to “Complete” the project on your Pro Dashboard, and leave a review for your customer. The customer will also be required to leave a review for you, so make sure to be on your best behavior! 🙂 Once you are done, rinse and repeat.

By now, you may be wondering how much this service costs to be a part of. Surely this has to cost something in order for you to get business, right? We have spent over a year perfecting our revenue model so that it made sense for the Pros to join our network, and also so that we could keep the service running smoothly and feed our families.

It’s FREE.

It’s FREE to place a bid on a project.

It’s FREE to win a project.

It’s FREE to complete a project.

We don’t even ask for a credit card on sign up. It is legitimately free. Of course we have some super cool ad-ons that will help you compete against your friendly neighborhood competition, and we have even more under development to be released early this summer.

Now that we’ve answered the question, “What is Pro In Your Pocket”, what do you do next? Tell your friends, family, pastor, bishop, cousins, and even random strangers walking down the street about this new app! The more Pros and Consumers we have on this app, the more opportunity you will have to win new business, for FREE.